Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st week of training

its been a week since we start training
as i know, most of us doing the paper work
it can be understand that since we are new
we should learn from basic
knowing all those procedures, how the things works

by the 1st day when we drop by
i have been so nervous since last night
scare this and that
too many unsure things for me
im not the person without proper plan
so when the things are not under control then i will get panic
luckily, the colleagues are friendly and willing to teach us and guide us
even when we met problems, they guide us and tell us what the problem is
and tell us what to do
actually, start our training by briefing through previous document did make effort
at least now i know how the things go on in real industry, not only in the book

at the 1st day, we have been divided into different department
yeong and danny both at contract department and i stay at tender department
for information, the real head of tender was resign about 2 months ago
and my supervisor mr lew who now in-charge tender department is rushing 2 project
one is Rawang highway and another is Orando
so 1st two day i just sit there and keep reading files
IBS, BQ, Procedures.....
not much i can help them, and they actually no time for me also, haha

2nd day, almost samething like previous day
only that may be i can help for photostating or calling sub-con for quotation
and since that miss Farhana is resigning soon
mr lew and i need to learn faster and get master all the stuff asap
and Farhana also busying her handover stuff
actually mr lew say he want to ask me do excel but scare im not familiar with it
and yet he dont have time to guide me that time
so, i just wonder what else i can do besides doing office boy, hahaha

talking about management, actually 10 months peroid of training is definitely not enough for us
it sounds like we just getting to know and familiar with the job
then we need to stop already
it makes that they dont dare to let us handle much things
later we need to handover to someone again, and definitely there will always got defects on our production
sometimes it make me feel that
may be the company just feel lucky they got 3 guys doing jobs that they are no time to handle with

3rd day, actually i cant remember what exactly i do
oh, i remember got filing....
when i just get to learn what Farhana teach
then Miss Tan suddenly appear and ask me to do filing the day gone by doing filing

4th day, after separate the files
now Miss Tan ask us to do final.....
wa, its been confusing me....all those account are so incomplete
and sometimes i dont even know where the figure come from
when we call accounting for details
properly they will say they dont have the file already
or perharps they just say will call back later....
for being 1st time doing final, i cant even finish 1 in 4 hours...
and thats make me decide to go company on saturday even its my off day

thus, saturday morning
i try to start from the beginning
1st of all, i try to make it clear of the cert
following by final account and final payment
it seems like work on some files
still, some still make me blur..... tire, may be thats for today
monday take leave to make my IC
damn ic...everytime like this
everytime when emergency then sure got problem....
hope everything will be fine

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


说真的, 开工到现在
haiz....太多事做也怕, 没有事做也怕
有个类似site manager的人
那时候好假哦, 假假一直叫我做事啦
不过没有事做不是更显? 像废人那样

Sunday, February 21, 2010


感觉压力好大, 尤其很多事都还是未知数
很紧张啊~!!! 怎么办....今晚大概又要失眠了...惨
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