Sunday, March 21, 2010

4th week of training

4th week, left 6 more weeks

its been boring doing final everyday...
day by day, really getting bored with it
and yet, ask ranjit that when can we finish all the files...
means till felda...
when ranjit ask mr lew when is his schedule for those final
not only mr lew even i also know its impossible to get all done by may
but mr foo just the kind of person
did him really know there are really quite alot to do?
is it really so easy to do?
and yet the account sometimes is not complete one
and he just wont bother it
wat he know is only ask us get it done as fast as we can

sometimes, i will feel that, i have been alone in the world
the doc said before i got somesort of 学习障碍
its been hard for me to face and communicate with the world
yes, indeed, but i know i should never give up
though it have been a tough past, it can be a brighten future
all i have to do is have faith in myself

this week have been the most tire week i ever had
everyday need to ot
then thursday acc jason and celebrate his birthday till 4 am only reach home
friday rest a day, but saturday go melaka
but i think its worth for going
its been a different view, different place
a good place to relax mental
say for real, its a good place to go after get resign
hahahaha, is it too fast to think resign?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

3rd week of training

still, time flying pass by…
its been 3th week already
seriously, besides getting familiar with the operation of the company
we did help to handle the tender also
as i said before, we training at contract and tender department
for the previous day we just helping to filing or photostat
but recently, we get involve in preparing tender document which the company currently tendering for rawang highway from JKR
getting the quotation from the sub-contractor, calculating the costing,
doing the break down, and…filing…

saying truth, im quite enjoying the life of training at here
i will rather choose to do office job than doing at site and be a site manager…or even worse
the say those QS colleague give some advise
they says that be qs is better than site manager
even if you want to be site manager
you still can be site qs
you can perform multi task and handle more task than normal site manager do
it did let me have a chance to seriously think about my future career
which do i willing to stay?
site? office?
should i continue building?
graduate with management?

for the 1st day, as usual…doing final and some tender…
wondering if we can finish out those final account when we are out of training period
that’s really too much…
even fouth week already, still, even air panas havent get done yet
although those colleague says that not much senior have chance to do it’
but it doesnt comfort me at all…

2nd day, still final… besides having some job like printing A1 drawing
photostat document…
3rd day… final… printing… photostating…
wonder how danny get through those day for doing final account for 3 weeks already…hahahaha
no wonder can be king of final account
4th day also busying final and photostating
it seems like monday miss tan and mr foo gonna go for tender
everything is in rush, yet i feel like doesnt fit in
seeing them busying i just sit there doing account…
i hate been helpless…

5th day, its surprise me when we are almost done with our stuff and suddenly mr lew told that we gotta OT
OT? wondering the needs of OT for me…
besides helping photostat, i dont even have chance to help them fix the figure or change the formula
i know that if too many people get involve changing the formula will only lead to chaos
i know that when im helpless i should stand aside…
i know that when they need help for photostat i should act like im so appreciate it…
but im totally down for it
i hate this…

6th day, actually there’s no need for me to work today
i have arrange and replace my time for it
1st reason is for my own reason for melaka trip
2nd reason, knowing they are rushing tender for monday
still, im hoping that at least i can share some of my effort

we have plan so long for melaka trip since we work
adjusting the best timing for everyone’s convenient
waiting andrew come back from taiwan
since we are in different gouping
ah foo have replace his working time last saturday,
coz thought that will go last week,
but we din succeed…
so this week its my time to do replacement
its been excited that finally we have settle down the things
and finally we go for an agreement
its always been tough for planning
especially when every time when we ask for suggestion
and for sure everybody will answer
”dunno..” “no opinion..” “its ok for me…”
then when we have an idea, and then someone will come out and say
”hah…” “but…” “why we dont..”
ya… some sort like that
saying the truth, this is the last chance for our trip
i can almost assure that no more better chance after this
so… hope it wont disappoint me anymore…

Monday, March 8, 2010


3月5号, 星期5
原本还在作工的, 阿丽突然打电话给我

刚开始的时候, 心里就只是想着
哦, 家里进贼了...家里进贼了....
那个贼, 连充电器都没有拿
现在我用的耳机和滑鼠是很不值钱的咩? 让你这样嫌弃

后来实在不能忍, 想到没有电脑的日子
不过既然是买新的, 我就不想用回acer的了
可是后来又看到15寸的, 多一百, memory也多一点
哈哈哈, 像手机和电脑...我还是喜欢萤幕大点的
说真的, 我对这个新电脑很有feel啊

2nd week of training

time passing and its been 2nd week of training
its really fast, feel like learn nothing yet soon all is gonna finish already
maybe 10 weeks of training period really too short for us? O.o
but things happen in such short period though....

monday i go renew my "broken" ic card due to several reason
for company purpose i need a maybank account
so i have to open one
but the guy of maybank say that my ic cant b read, mayb the chips broken already
so.....monday im on leave with ah foo....hahahaha
thanks him so much so fetching me here and there
and we finally find the one 猪肉粉which is popular
once try, the soup is really so different with the others
but the price also consider little bit high for me la, hahaha
well, it worth!! haha

2nd day, still doing final....
but after well train for last saturday
at least im more familiar with it now
i learn to check the progress payment of the contractor
learn to check the balance, the debit and credit note
the final cert, the statement of final account and payment....
thought i learn lot also...haha

3rd day, i move back to tender department again
mr lew say he might need me to help him to rush the tender i know, for last time the tender department only got 2 person
one is mr loo another one is farhana
mr loo go for 2 or 3 months already, and last week farhana resign also...
its been a hard and tough period for us who remain stay at tender department
many things to learn and 2 project to rush
somehow miss tan only know to force us finish the thing she want...sweat....
dun she know we still new? even mr lew also still learning
after get back to tender, actually im helping key-in the data only
not much help but still can help abit la, haha

4th day, ah foo get involve in stuff in tender
hahaha, i can still remember what mr lew say
"since he want so much to help here, ok la, i ask him come help also..."
thats how he come, and help
still, key-in work
but dont ever underestimated the work
it seems like little but use alot of time to key-in and checking, adjust the format
we need to make sure everything is right before we submit to miss tan
or else sure we get scold from her, haha

5th day, i start to get boring....
actually i do nothing for the morning section
my thing get done and i ask mr lew what can i help?
he say he will find some, but till afternoon also nothing for me to do
and i cant go for final because he ask me stay there and will got things for me....
afternoon, still key-in
mostly what i do is keyin the rate of different company and compare
another is built a break down for costing
before this mr lew got ask ah foo to stay for saturday
but since the project was postponed to thursday, so he say no need so rush
actually everything gonna be done if we back early
but while we waiting danny
its coincidence that miss tan come and ask mr lew if got ask us to stay for saturday
mr lew get stun and ask "isnt the project postponed to thursday already?"
then miss tan say "wa...postponed liao so no need to do? postponed is for you guys to rest a day ma, still need to rush it out.."

6th day, saturday
for key-in the break down of the cost only cost me 3.5 hour
and another half hour use to checking
and thats all....
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